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The Farm Table’s Vision

The Farm Table strives to provide the local and destination audience with a consistently high-quality dining experience featuring exclusively locally-sourced foods whenever possible, right on the Kringle Candle campus.

The Farm Table main dining room and Tavern are housed within a carefully restored and renovated farmhouse built c. 1800. It is a classic Georgian colonial style building first erected by the Hale family and expanded over the years as their clan and farm grew. No longer a farm by the 1970’s, it became an antique store and after that a book shop. The current renovations began in early 2011, and involved an extensive series of modern technological improvements to make the building more functional and energy-efficient.

Kringle’s retail store, showcasing Kringle’s hand-crafted candles, celebrated five years in October 2015. In November 2016, both the Kringle Country Barn and The Farm Table celebrated their five-year-old birthdays!

A truly good restaurant should be more than a place to feed you;
it should nourish the body, educate the mind and entertain the spirit.

Executive Chef (at The Farm Table Restaurant)

An Ultra-Green Operation

The Farm Table may already be one of the greenest restaurants in America. Here are some of the major environmentally-friendly features:

  • Geo-thermal energy use
  • Energy-saving construction & on-site recycled materials
  • Zero tolerance for plastic disposables
  • Edible waste recycling
  • On-site laundry
  • Super-efficient appliances
  • Locally sourced and recycled items
Lightly Smoked Northeast Family Farms Pork Chop