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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Kringle Candle Company a part of Yankee Candle?

No. There is no marketing, legal or business connection whatsoever between the two companies. That said, Mike Kittredge II was Yankee’s founder and long-time CEO. He sold 90% of the equity in YCC in 1998 and gradually stepped out of the remaining 10% over the next few years. Today, Mike II is a business partner with and advisor to his son, Michael Kittredge III, founder of Kringle Candle.

Are Kringle Candle Company products made with soy wax?

No. We use only 100% pure, North American-sourced and refined food-grade paraffin wax in our candles. It is the cleanest-burning fuel source, yields the brightest light and is the most adaptable material for making superior quality candles. 

How should I best care for a burning candle?

Observe the basic safety rules, first and foremost! Always burn a candle in sight, never leave it unattended and keep it out of the reach of children and pets. After that, observe your candle frequently and make sure it’s not being affected by a breeze, fan, air duct or other wind source which may cause flame flutter and uneven burning. Trim the wick as needed to 1/8” and never let matches, wick trimmings or other foreign materials collect in the wax pool.

How can I find a reseller near me?

Check out Where To Buy.

Does Kringle Candle offer specialty labeling?

Yes! The same superior quality that goes into every Kringle Candle is available to our custom clients. From fragrance design to graphics, labeling, packaging and warehouse/delivery services, Kringle Candle is ready to help. We specialize in expert contract filling and smaller runs, in some cases as few as 300-500 pieces. For more information, contact us at info@kringlecandle.com.

Can I recycle my kringle glass?

We absolutely recommend re-using our glass containers and ramekins for a host of green applications ranging from bud vases to drinkware to pencil cups to pet dishes and many, many more applications. However, because the temper of the glass containers is designed for filling with hot wax one time under carefully-controlled conditions, we do not recommend “re-filling” our glassware with pillar or other candles. The glass may have developed invisible stress fractures during handling and clean-out, rendering it unsuitable for further safe use as a candle container.

Why can’t I purchase everything I see in your store when I’m at my local reseller?

Our store and website are the testing grounds for us. We debut new fragrances, listen to your feedback and the best sellers go on to a reseller location near you. With so many amazing fragrance options, chances are that availability may vary from reseller to reseller. If your local reseller isn’t carrying your favorite, let him know.

My candle didn’t smell when I got it home. What can I do?

Everyone’s sense of smell is different and we strive to appeal to a multitude of strength preferences. What may be strong to one consumer isn’t strong for another. Perception of fragrance strength may also be impacted by the size of the room and the fragrance concept. If at any time you aren’t 100% satisfied, let us know and we will help you find the fragrances that suit your preferences.