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Reinvent Mother’s Day Flowers with Long-Lasting Floral Candles


May marks a month full of celebrations. This month we will celebrate our mothers, favorite graduates, and our planting beds. There is a single symbol to represent each of these moments: Flowers.

As the old saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. Clearly, May is the month of flowers. We can expect to see lilac, hibiscus flowers and some delicate lily of the valley (the birth flower for those born in the month of May). As the season progresses, we find ways to incorporate flowers into our special occasions and everyday lives.

hibiscus candle

For holidays, we make our best effort to show our appreciation for our significant others. And on Mother’s Day we have to do this ten-fold. I mean, we are talking about the women who brought us into this world and served as our guiding light. For those of us who aren’t as savvy with words, we scramble to find something that sums up our love, appreciation and gratitude.

A floral potted plant is a go-to for Mothers Day flowers. The drawback of gifting flowers; they’re not long-lasting. Flowers are seasonal and require maintenance. Each year, I try to get more inventive and find something that will last longer than the holiday itself. A hibiscus candle or fresh lilac candle are perfect solutions for this situation. My mother races to the nursery to purchase these plants, but forgets to take care of them after the first few weeks, which is typical. And for my grandmother, each year everyone gets her a hanging hibiscus; so she ends up with about 6! I can finally outdo everyone with a candle. I can imagine the looks on their faces now. Just call me the favorite grandchild!

lily of the valley candle

Graduations for both high school and college also hog the weekends of May. If you aren’t attending the graduation snooze-fest, odds are you have a grad party to go to this summer. How do we show our congratulations? A card and bouquet of flowers. Bouquets of large roses and daisies are complimented by the understated lily of the valley flowers. The downside of gifting a bouquet is that the graduate could be allergic to them. How were we to know? A lily of the valley candle is the perfect congratulations nod to a graduate and something they can bring with them on their next life adventure. Candles compliment college dorms and new apartments, helping to add a homey touch.


Homeowners during the month of May suddenly become inspired to landscape their homes & gardens. They make endless trips to the nursery to find the perfect plants and flowers to compliment their house. After all, the yard is the first impression your guest has of your home. You can further this impression or forego the dirty work by adding complimentary floral candles to your home. Bringing in a scented candle over the actual plant could be healthier for your family too. Lily of the valley is a highly poisonous plant, which can be harmful to pets and children if ingested, but makes for a sweet and delicate smelling candle.

Embrace and celebrate the month of May with a floral candle. It will put a smile on the faces of the people you love most and leave a lasting impression on them. Oh, and treating yourself and your home doesn’t hurt either.

Blog By Aubrie Przybysz