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Re-Using Kringle Candle Containers


Our attractive, durable glassware not only makes for great candle containers, they can be used for multiple purposes and are dishwasher-safe. When your candle is completely consumed, we recommend the freezer method to remove any final traces of wax. Add your own innovation to this list of re-uses. It just keeps on growing and growing!

flower vase • nut and seed server • pencil cup • paint mixing • craft organizer • sugar bowl • button sorter • beauty supplies • crayon holder • gift container • vitamin minder • desk organizer • snack container • fishing accessories • tacks and nails • popcorn • recipe preparation • soap dish • dried fruits • spice jars • desserts • yogurt pot • dips • plant starters • caviar server • flan • pot de crème • chocolate mousse • gelatin or aspic mold • ice cream • hardware collector • shaving accessories • condiments • salt and pepper cellars • butter server • jam jar • honey pot • tea & coffee jars • poker chips • spare change • seashells • rolled stamps • odds & ends

Depending on your particular application, one size may be more ideal than another. Experiment and have fun finding new re-uses of your own. You’re only limited by your imagination!