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New Beginnings

It’s hard to believe that my first anniversary with Kringle is just around the corner.  It seems like it was just yesterday when I packed up my car and made the 1200 mile drive from Kansas City to Massachusetts with my seven year old son, Lucas.  I’m not normally a fan of long car trips but I felt compelled to make the journey.   As the landscape changed in my rearview mirror, I was both exhilarated and terrified!

Moving Day!Moving day in Kansas City– about to get in the car and start our trek to our new house in Sunderland, Massachusetts.

After two days and a quick detour to the “A Christmas Story” house (thank you, Cleveland!), Lucas, the leg lamp (yes, that leg lamp), and I arrived at our new house. The movers were still about a week behind us, so we made an adventure of it. We set up camp in the living room with nothing more than an air mattress, a TV, and a box of Blue Rays.

"A Christmas Story" leg lamp.“A Christmas Story” leg lamp.

I mentioned to my new team that I wanted some candles to warm up the house. That very day, a box of amazing Kringle candles was delivered to my door.   I had not yet started with Kringle so it was fun opening each one and trying them out.  It was a difficult choice but I finally settled on two fragrances:  Autumn Winds and White Pumpkin.  Maybe I chose those because it was mid-September and the leaves outside my door were already changing.  Maybe it was because the spice and cinnamon notes were so warm and comforting.   All I know is that when I lit those candles, we were officially home.

Now, every time I open a jar of Autumn Winds or White Pumpkin, I am reminded of those early days in our new home, eager to make the most of this new chapter in our lives.  I remember the anticipation and excitement, the butterflies in my stomach… and most clearly, I remember the little voice inside me that said, “This is going to be great!”