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Great Expectations

The first time I visited my family after moving to Massachusetts, I went loaded with Kringle candles. I was really excited to share them with my family and friends and to tell them all about my job and the company. Everybody got Kringled! My parents, my sister, my mom’s neighbor, my mom’s friends, their friends, several hairdressers and at least one Jehovah’s Witness walked away with one scented candle or another. I had brought joy and I felt pretty good about myself.

Fast-forward to visit number two, several months later. It was a bitter first winter for us in Massachusetts and I couldn’t wait to feel the warm Florida sun on my face. It was a quick trip over a long weekend so I only packed essentials in a carry on bag for my seven year old and myself. The flight arrived late in the evening and I was happy not to have to wait for our bags with a sleepy kid. We zipped right by baggage claim, I could feel the jealous stares from the other moms with tired kids in various degrees of meltdown…Oh yeah, once again, I was feeling pretty good…

That was until, I got to my parent’s house. The next four days were filled with “Where’s my candle?” “No candles?” “What do you mean you didn’t bring us any candles?” Clearly, my efficient packing had bummed a lot of people out. That’s not a mistake I will make anytime soon, or ever if I can help it.

You’ll be happy to know I redeemed myself with my family and friends. When we returned to Orlando for Easter, I brought down daylights and colored tumblers in pretty pastel colors. They were a hit! My family and friends loved them and seeing them so happy with something that I had a direct impact on was really rewarding.