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Autumn Sense


The wind picks up, scattering leaves that have turned from their typical green to fiery shades of red, orange and yellow. You take in a breath, filling your lungs with crisp fresh air. Scents of pumpkin, apple and spices find their way to your nose. They invite you into a kitchen where delicious pies, cobbler and mulled cider is being made. You savor the smells and tastes. As you walk down the street you revel in the seasonal air and in the rustle of leaves underfoot. It is cool outside, but not cold. Winter has yet to sheathe the ground in ice and snow. Memories of a playful Halloween night or a warm Thanksgiving family meal are brought to mind. You are experiencing Autumn.

Our sense of smell can have a powerful effect on the mind. Scents trigger memories more easily than any other stimuli. It is through this nostalgia that we can identify the season. We can know the time of year simply by taking notice of what our noses are telling us. Our evolutionary, animalistic instincts alert us to the changes in nature taking place around us. We breathe in the autumn air and we become intimately aware of how small we are. The earth travels in its celestial path and we move with it. Up here in the northern latitudes we notice the difference as the sun’s affect on us changes throughout the year.

Often one finds it easy to slip into routine and forget the changes occurring each season. Our daily lives can be complicated and detailed, with a full day of work leaving us stressed or tired. Taking a moment outside to contemplate the swinging arc of a falling leaf or to feel the cool breeze rush by can ground us in the moment and remind us why we work ourselves so hard. We can feel it in the air: “Fall is here!” with winter close by. It’s a moratorium; a brief pause for us to enjoy in the midst of an otherwise chaotic year. Fall rests between the extreme heat of summer and the extreme cold of winter, in a position of seasonal limbo, the eye of the seasonal storm, where we can calm and steady ourselves for the oncoming cold.

Familiar scents are comforting as we identify them with this peaceful time. Autumn is the season when we are able to stop and take a breath, inhaling the fragrances of tranquility.

We’re celebrating Fall’s bright colors, harvest time, festivals, full moons, apples, delectable deserts, pumpkins and gourds, rainy windy weather, cooler temps, comfy sweaters, campfires and candles!

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