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3 Steps to Your Best Spring Cleaning Ever: The Cleansing Power of a Sage Candle





So, it’s finally spring. Time to stop hibernating and start waking up from those winter blues. It is the time to revive and reinvigorate your life. We are all searching for an opportunity to get out of a slump and the changing of seasons is a good place to start. Not just because the weather is changing, but because you can feel the energy livening and mood lifting. This is what motivates us to spring clean our homes, as a literal way to start fresh. Spring cleaning isn’t just about dusting off your furniture and opening the windows anymore, it’s about dusting ourselves off and getting ready for the year ahead.



Step 1. Cleanse

First, you have to wake yourself up and cleanse your soul and home. A common remedy for combating the smell of trash, a litter box or other unpleasant odors is through burning sage. Burning a sage candle, such as Citrus and Sage could be beneficial for both you and your home. Throughout history, the smell of sage has been used to help rid one’s self of emotional distress, remove bad energy from the household and can also increase relaxation. Remember, a clean start begins with a refreshed soul.


Step 2. Clean

During our physical spring cleaning routines, we often use products, such as bleach which present harsh and overpowering smells throughout the home. Lighter cleaners, meant for touch ups versus deep cleaning, are often infused with lemon and citrus smells. There are many natural benefits of lemon rinds for keeping the kitchen fresh. If you have a garbage disposal, putting lemon rinds down the drain will clean and sharpen the blades. Leaving lemon rinds out in a bowl can get rid of harsh smells. The only downside, is that the smell doesn’t last long which is why having a lemon candle could be beneficial in the spring time. Burning our Lemon Rind Candle, acts in the same way an actual lemon rind does, without the peeling or having to find a use for the rest of the lemon.



Step 3. Relax

After you’ve run around your home, cleaning like crazy, you’re going to want to unwind. You’ve found your home under all the dust and clutter, now it’s time to find yourself. There are smells that are good for your home and smells that are pleasurable and beneficial for you. The smell of cherry blossoms leads to a purification, restoring, and centering of yourself. Setting a cherry blossom candle in your favorite room will help you find your cool.

Spring cleaning forces you to wake up from the mundane winter months and to re-align yourself. A new season gives us all the opportunity of a fresh start, a new beginning. Allow this time to bring new smells and aromas into your home to keep your mind, body and soul at ease while you prepare for your best year ever!


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